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  Frequently Asked Questions ~



Does your company charge fees?
No, our travel agency chooses not to charge consultation fees for our professional services. All of our preferred suppliers that we have relationships with, pay our company when you return from traveling. There is no added cost to you, no matter if you would book it on your own directly with the company, hotel or cruise line or through our agency. We want to know when our pricing isn't the same and will try to get the same price as found elsewhere and often times can offer a price match option.

Why should someone book with True Travel Company?
Our travel vacation planners have over 26 years of experience helping individuals, families, groups and couples travel to worldwide destinations. We would love to help you with all the details of your vacation to make sure you travel seamlessly and stress-free. We are here to help every step of the way - before, during or after travel.


Can you get the same prices that I see online or that I have seen with another travel agency?
All travel agencies should receive the same pricing and promotions from the wholesale companies and suppliers based on travel dates available. As long as everything is matching all components of the travel package, all prices should be the same or lower with certain promotions and connections that our agency has available to us. We are very competitive and can offer price matching with some companies that offer a price match program if you do happen to find something lower with a competitor they have with their programs.


Does your company offer payment plans?

Yes, when travelers are able to book in advance. Low deposits are available with our preferred supplier to confirm bundled packages and then final payment is due 45 days prior to travel for vacation packages and 75 or more days in advance for cruise or group tours.

How far can you book travel packages into the future?
10 months prior to departure, vacation packages open for sale that include air and hotel.
Cruises and hotel only options are able to book farther into the future and our company also has the ability to book as far out as the cruise lines and hotels have open.